Administrator Says Herald’s FOIA Request Is Being Processed

December 3, 2010

By Admin 2

By Betsy Finklea
On November 8th, The Dillon Herald submitted a Freedom Of Information Act request to David Mobley to determine whether or not the county had retained Wyche, Burgess, Freeman, and Parham, P.A. of Greenville or Carl F. Muller for any legal proceedings.
Carl F. Muller of Wyche, Burgess, Freeman, and Parham, P.A. of Greenville filed a notice of appearance in the Court of Common Pleas to represent County Council Chairman Macio Williamson in regards to Dillon County, a body politic and corporate by and through its members of County Council, Macio Williamson, Et. Al. vs. John Doe, a citizen of Dillon County.
Through the request, The Herald was seeking to determine whether or not the county is paying for the attorney.
The Herald’s request specifically asked for the following information:
“Under the S.C. Freedom of Information Act, I would like to request any contract signed or to be signed by Dillon County or any service agreement with the Wyche, Burgess, Freeman, and Parham, P.A.  of Greenville or to Carl F. Muller, the amount of any retainer fees agreed to and/or paid to retain their services, and the amount of money agreed to be paid for their services. I would like a copy of any checks written to either of the above. Please state from which area of the budget  or from what county funds that the money will be taken to pay the Wyche Law Firm.”
The Herald received on November 30th, a response dated November 24th that  stated “This letter is in response to your Freedom of Information Act request dated 11/08/2010. We are processing your request and will notify you when the information is available.” It is signed by David D. Mobley, Jr., County Administrator.
The Herald plans to send a follow-up letter requesting a tentative date of when this information will be available and asking that any checks written, if any, be made available immediately.

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