Andrew Thielen Big Band’s Performance Is Appreciated

A Review
By Marcia Chandler

ANDREW THIELEN BIG BAND played to an appreciative audience at the Dillon County Theatre on Saturday night.
The Dillon County Theatre has always honored our veterans with a special event, and once again we had the Andrew Theilen Big Band.
Before the show began, a  Color Guard representing the different Armed Forces presented the Colors, and the audience recited the Pledge of Allegiance.  The Band played the songs of each armed service. The band played hits from the 40’s thru the ’80’s, and a talented vocalist sang these songs.  They also played some Motown and some Beach Music.
A few people complained that the band was “too loud”…and this reviewer has to agree…. when you have fourteen musicians on our small stage (and in our small auditorium) who are used to playing  in a larger space, it is difficult for them to “mute” the sound. Aside from that, the musicians  were very, very good and the soloists (brass section) gave some fine solos. Andrew Thielen is a superb drummer, and some of us would have enjoyed more of his playing. A quartet of local ladies was picked from the audience and with some fast instruction from the band’s vocalist these  ladies entertained us with some lively accompaniment to the music.
We did  not have the full capacity crowd that the “Big Band” usually attracts, but most everyone who attended seemed to enjoy it.
We are indebted to our sponsors and patrons for making it possible to bring quality entertainment to our Dillon County Theatre.

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