Dillon School District Two Releases Revised Discipline Code Book

As we prepare to begin the 2010-2011 school year on August 16, Dillon School District Two is informing all students in grades 4-12 and their parents of the revised Discipline Code Book.

The Discipline Code Book is designed to protect all students and to ensure that every student will have an equal opportunity for their education. Students are expected to respect the authority of the school staff. The Discipline Code Book will indicate what the rules are and what the consequences of violating them will be.

Each student in grades 4-12 will be provided a copy of the revised Discipline Code Book. Parents may also view the Discipline Code Book on the district website at www.dillon2.k12.sc.us. Click on Parents at the top of the page and the Discipline Code Book will be listed on the right side.

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