Certification, Recount Underway

The Dillon County Election Commission met this (Thursday) morning to certify the run-off election from Tuesday.

Joe Moffett, chair of the Election Commission, read an incident report from the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office that alleged voter fraud. He asked if they wanted to ask SLED for an in-depth investigation, which was recommended by the Dillon County Sheriff’s Office. The board voted to turn this matter over to SLED.  It was noted that the matter had not yet been turned over to SLED as reported by other  media yesterday and this morning.  The Sheriff’s Office was waiting on a decision from the Election Commission. The Election Commission recessed.

A meeting of the Dillon County Board of Canvassers was then opened. No action was taken on one ballot because no one appeared to discuss it. A failsafe ballot was accepted by a vote of the board.

In the one local race on the ballot, the probate judge’s race, the count now stands at 2198 for Teresa Campbell and 2181 for Penny German.

Because this race has a one percent difference, there must be a mandatory recount. This mandatory recount is underway at this time. Those in attendance were asked to report back at 12 noon.

The board recessed until the conclusion of the recount.

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