Letters To Editor: Published 6-15

Thanks Delegation

To the Editor:
I would like to publicly thank the Dillon County Delegation for their continuing support of the Town of Latta.
At any time, when Senator Williams and Representative Hayes are contacted for their support, they willingly and quickly come forward to assist us.  They work as partners; therefore, more can be accomplished.  Most recently, they worked together with Buddy Bateman of AT&T to secure additional funding needed for our Phase II Streetscape.
The citizens of Dillon County are fortunate to have Senator Williams and Representative Hayes representing our county.
Nancy Brigman, Mayor
Town of Latta
Latta, SC

Letter Answered

Bo McInnis answer to Ms. Graves Letter to the Editor.
Dear Ms Graves:
Thanks for allowing Dillon County PAC to answer the questions you posed in your Letter to the Editor published in Thursday’s June 9, 2010 Dillon Herald.
You state that you believe in our objectives but are deeply concerned about our strategies, techniques, and “special” interest.  Strategies and techniques can be addressed item by item if we are given the opportunity to meet in person.  I would like nothing more than to write about every strategy and technique we used over the last several months but this is to broad in scope and needs to be narrowed down to each of the items that may concern or interest you.
Your reference to “special interest” greatly concerns me.  Dillon County PAC has never had a special interest agenda or allow any to infiltrate our organization.  To the contrary, Dillon County PAC was formed in July 2009 following the political unrest after County Administrator Charles Curry was fired.
The goal of PAC was to create a way to stop the corrupt and “what’s in it for me” politics and replace it with good, honest, hardworking people to represent everyone and not just the special interest.  The idea is to create strength in numbers both politically and financially while giving everyone a voice.   We have been true to this goal.
Both Dan Bozard, Co-Chair Dillon County PAC, and myself, stated upfront that we would not personally benefit in any way politically or financially because of PAC.
I turned down the offer of being Dillon County Economic Development Director along with two other Board positions that would personally benefit me.  If any of this took place we could not represent the organization or be any better than the people we oppose.  PAC will rotate the two Chair positions every four years to allow new leadership and ideas to help grow it.
Dillon County PAC envisioned being involved in all of the local political races when we formed it.  This included the House Seat 55, County Council, Probate Judge, Treasurer, Clerk of Court, Auditor, Coroner, and Sheriff.   But reality made it clear that we did not have the man power or the finances to be involved in every local race and be effective.  We had to make a choice and we decided to only get involved with the County Council first.  I would also like to point out that Dillon County PAC was successful in having two out of our three Candidates elected in the June 8 Primary along with helping create a  fair election for all the Candidates by offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the first successful trial conviction of voter fraud.  Sound strategy that was effective.
Dillon County PAC will continue to grow and achieve it’s goal of being involved in all the local elections within a reasonable time.  It is our goal to diversify our membership through Community outreach programs during the upcoming non-political time.  PAC will be a stronger organization if our membership resembles the diversity of the voter registration list.  You do not have to contribute any money to be a member.  All we ask is that you get involved and attend the functions and help find good honest people to represent all of us in Dillon County.  This will happen and I hope you decide to join us.
Bo McInnis
Dillon County PAC
Dillon, SC

Pastor Leaving,

To The Editor:
I want to take this opportunity on behalf of Mrs. Lawson and me to thank the community of Dillon City and County for allowing us to be a part of your families for the last four years.
As I bring to a close my service here as a Pastor, it has been four wonderful years.
I want to thank first my church families, St. Stephens UMC, Luke UMC, and Beulah UMC for being some of the greatest people who a person can serve; you have made my life a little richer for not only being your pastor but being a part of each every one of your families.
I want to thank my Associates, Rev. William A. Jones, Rev. Anthony Alford and Minister James Williams plus all of my Lay Speakers, you have all been just great in serving your churches and also being available to assist me when needed.
I want to thank the city of Dillon, and the great people that serve this great city and also my friends that serve Dillon County.
To Mrs. Johnnie Luehrs of the Dillon County Chamber of Commerce, thank you so much for being such a great friend and including me in all of the events that have been held in this city.
Thank you to my friends at Herald Office Supply for the great service that you have provided to me as a member of this great community, and also Mr. Carley Wiggins. thank you for the many conversations that you and I shared, and for all of your news articles, they were so rich and very informative.
And last but certainly not least, thanks to my Ministerial friends for allowing me to serve among you and with you.
A very special thanks goes out to Rev. Michael Rouse, my friend from years gone by and to my brothers, Rev. Joey Nelms, Rev. Frankie Thomas, and Rev. Leo Chapman, we go back to days before Dillon—thank you my brothers.
To most of the businesses thank your for your service to this humble pastor and you will all be missed.
Rev. Willie Lawson
Dillon, SC

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