Dillon County PAC Offering $10,000 Reward For Voting Fraud Information (with photo slide show and videos)

[quicktime]https://www.dillonheraldonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/PAC-1.mp4[/quicktime] Click here to download the video.
The Dillon County PAC is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the first successful trial conviction of voting fraud intending to alter the outcome of the June 8th, 2010 Dillon County Democratic Primary Election. This includes any activity before, during, and after the Election Day. Anyone that has any information is encouraged to call the Crime Stoppers of The Pee Dee Hot Line at 1-843-667-8477. Additionally, Crime Stoppers will pay their usual $100 award to all persons who report a crime that result in an arrest. Crime Stoppers will confidentially report all reported information to local law enforcement, SLED, S.C. State Attorney’s Office, FBI, and the U.S. Justice Department.
Bo McInnis, Co-Chair of Dillon County PAC, said “The Dillon County PAC was created in July 2009 by the citizens of the Dillon County to address what many citizens perceived as “what’s in it for me” politics and to replace them with honest, hard working people who will represent the collective interest of the county. We feel that a $10,000 reward will be a strong deterrent against voter bribery after today and provide incentive for anyone to come forward if they are aware of instances of voter fraud that may have already been committed.”
Dan Bozard, Co-Chair of Dillon County PAC, said “It is our mission to show the voter that our three Candidates are the right choice for Dillon County and that the voting process is fair.”
Thirty years ago the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, acting for the United States Justice Department, entered Dillon County two days after the June 10th, 1980 Democratic Primary resulting in one of the largest voter fraud investigations ever conducted in the Southeast at that time, according to an article published by The New York Times on May 23, 1982. Thirty (30) Dillon County residents were indicted on charges of violating Federal election laws. Twenty-five pleaded guilty, mostly for vote buying, and five pleaded not guilty but were soon convicted after short jury trials. This included a State Senator, a Sheriff, and the County Chairman of the Democratic Party.

[slide] Both McInnis and Bozard are quick to point out that neither feel the election process has gone back to the way it was in 1980. McInnis stated, “Dillon County PAC is supporting three exceptional candidates for County Council that will focus on creating good quality jobs in our county by recruiting industry correctly. We want to be able to depend on our politicians to do the right things at the right time.” The three Candidates are Harold Moody, incumbent County Councilman (District 5), Roy Baxley (District 6), and Joe Johnson (District 7). “The candidates were chosen based on their leadership qualities, values, and the strong vision they all posses and will bring to our County,” stated McInnis.
Additionally, PAC activities have put the County’s elected and appointed leaders on clear notice that they cannot conduct the people’s business outside the legal boundaries. Last week Judge Paul Birch stated “I’m a firm believer in local government running their affairs, but they have to do it by the letter of the law.” Judge Burch then ruled that Dillon County officials will be held on criminal charges if his orders are breached.
Lastly, PAC is also assembling and training many volunteers to be poll watchers for their County Council Candidates. PAC has coordinated its’ training activity with the South Carolina Election Commission. Each Poll that will be voting in the County Council race will have trained Poll Watchers present all day. All of this in an attempt to have a fair election and make everyone know that their vote counts and will make a difference.

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