Hog Farm Expansion Under Consideration

An expansion is being considered for the Price Swine Facility located on Harllee’s Bridge Road. The Prices have operated a hog farm since the 1970s.
A DHEC official told The Herald that this isn’t a new facility or new permit, and it is being treated as an expansion. The expansion ”will consist of four (4) finishing hog houses, 40 ft x 180 ft.  Each house will hold 880 hogs until they reach an exit weight of 240 pounds.  The normal production live weight for this facility is 492,800 pounds.  The hogs will be raised on slatted floors with a manure formed concrete pit underneath.  The manure drops through the slatted floors and is collected in the formed concrete pit.  The barns at this farm will utilize a gravity release system with pipes that convey the manure into the manure storage tank.  The gravity plug manure pits in the swine houses are emptied once each week.  The manure is stored in the manure storage tank until it is land-applied.  The wastewater from the manure storage tank is applied to adjacent cropland with a previously approved traveling gun irrigation system and honey wagon.” One of the concerns expressed by citizens is the possibility  that the waste lagoons could leak into the creek that goes into the Little Pee Dee River.  Odor, the possibility of residents in the area suffering from respiratory problems or worsening of the condition of those who already have respiratory problems,  and possible effects on economic development are all concerns of those who oppose the expansion.
Those citizens who favor the expansion say that DHEC has the appropriate rules in place to regulate hog farms. These guidelines are said to be strict. DHEC has copies of the regulations as well as information on their permitting program on their website.
The web address is http://www.scdhec.gov/water/html;/agpage.html.
A public hearing was held on the possible expansion at the City of Dillon Wellness Center on Monday evening.

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