Editorial: When Will It Be Our Turn?

As we see Marion County get more and more industries including a Boeing spin-off industry, many in Dillon County are beginning to wonder when it will be our turn.

If we want industry in our county, we need someone actively pursuing it, and some things must be done or at least considered to make Dillon County conducive to industry.

One thing Marion County has is an economic developer who is going after industry. Our interim economic developer has retired, and we are currently in limbo as we await the next one to be selected. The S.C. Department of Commerce is assisting Dillon County with this process, and we hope progress is being made in due haste as we see prospects pass us by.

Another thing that Dillon County has done which should be positive is the creation of the Dillon County Public-Private Partnership Board. Hopefully, the necessary appointments will be made and the board will come together quickly so they can begin to help our county make strides in economic development.

Also, the creation of the industrial megasite is to the county’s credit.
Another plus is Dillon County’s immediate access to rail as well as to the interstate.

Perhaps one thing the county should consider is building a spec building.

These have been successful in other areas, and there is no reason that it shouldn’t be successful here. The availability of buildings that are ready to go certainly seems to be an advantage for Marion County.

There is no reason that Dillon County should not be successful in attracting businesses and industries and needed jobs to our area. We have all the ingredients we just need someone promoting Dillon County. Hopefully, we are on the right track towards getting that done.

We need to move quickly, however, so more opportunities for growth and progress do not pass us by.

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