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Letter To The Editor: S.C. Mega Dump

Went to Florence, SC on 9-24 to hear the lawyers from Marlboro County vs. the lawyers from MRR, ZV Pate. Most of the Marlboro County Council members were there including its chair lady Dr. Carolyn Prince. It was mostly big lawyer talk with one judge presiding.

Letter To The Editor: Social Security in 2010-Part 2

To The Editor:
The average American has been reading up on Social Security and I want to bring Part 2 up to date. I worked on my job driving the ice cream truck for 35 years and retired. Got my Social Security at 62 years old. I knew that the Republican party has been scheming to get rid of the retires safety net, the crown jewel of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s new deal. For 74 years social security has been keeping senior citizens out of poverty.

Bob Braddy: Recalling September 11, 2001 Experience In New York

What was it like to be in New York when it happened?
Shock. Disbelief. Horror. Then terrible grief and sadness, as the impact of the event in terms of loss of life became more and more apparent.

Letter To The Editor: 9/7

Conflict Between County Council, Past Administrator Concerns Citizen

Letters To The Editor

Letters to the Editor published 8/24

Letter To The Editor: Megadumps

Do you love your families, your offspring, yourself? Would you let someone bury something on our ground that will eventually poison our water and mess up our air and make the land no good forever?

Letter To The Editor: Riverside Cemetery

To The Editor:
On March 20, 1944 My Father, H.G. Hodges purchased Lot 752 from THE RIVERSIDE CEMETERY ASSOCIATION.

Letter To The Editor: Public-Private Partnership Board

Dear Editor:
I read your report online on the election of the new board for the Public-Private Partnership. …

Letter To The Editor: A True Crime

The sight was a shock. How short sighted can we be? I had to write a letter to protest the mutilation of the two rare and priceless live oak trees on Jackson Street beside the hospital in Dillon.

Letter: What Do Six No’s Mean To You?

As a high school graduate of New York, we learned what NO meant. In the dictionary, it means: None, not one, a denial, a negative vote.