Revitalization, Golf Course, Mural On City Council Agenda

By Betsy Finklea
Downtown revitalization, the golf course, and a mural for a downtown building were among the topics of discussion at the August meeting of the Dillon City Council.
In the mayor’s report, Mayor Todd Davis:
-congratulated teams who played for the World Series including the 10U champs.
-mentioned the state tournament that was held in Dillon and thanked all involved with the tournament and its success.
-said he had addressed the officers of the City of Dillon Police Department, which he has not done in quite a while. He said they are a professional bunch.
-gave an update on the hotel. He said Love’s was coming to look at the possibility of putting a hotel in the area.
-said he met with a group from the hospital and was impressed with their commitment here.
-asked Code Enforcement Officer Benny Genwright to give an update on the Cookout restaurant. Genwright said they are ready to begin construction. Davis said they plan a 94 seat restaurant.
-said things are picking up on Main Street. He attended a grand opening on Main Street. Davis said he had gotten kind of obsessed with Main Street and what to do. He talked about an article he saw on a multi-faceted approach to Main Street. He said tax sale on the condemned building on Main Street beside Twice Is Nice is coming up in the fall, and he thought the council should be ready to go get it. He said he was not worried about the taxes, but the cost of the clean up. Davis said he did not see anyone wanting to buy it privately.
In the City Manager’s report, City Manager Glen Wagner:
-discussed a letter from the S.C. Department of Transportation regarding some intersections the city had inquired about.
-said Code Enforcement Officer Genwright has been visiting Main Street business owners to inform them about the maintenance and appearance ordinance and the upfit grant.
-asked for direction on a tree that is blocking a business on the corner of MacArthur Avenue. Mayor Davis said he didn’t see a problem with the tree. Councilman Johnny Eller said he couldn’t make a decision until he had a chance to look at the tree.
-gave an update on the water tank status. The shell is up. The completion is four to six weeks out depending on the weather.
-the fire department roof is in the process of being replaced. The estimated cost is $30,000.
Chief David Lane introduced Lance Corporal Danielle Fling. She was very involved with Cookout for Cops. She is newly hired.
In the citizens report, Deacon Howard Perry of Marshill Bibleway Church on South Fourth Avenue spoke about the flooding in the area of church. He asked if they could get the ditch cleaned out. Linda Manning Langley said it also floods the church out along with standing water. Street Department Head Burt Rogers said they cleaned the ditch behind the church about three months ago. He said the only way to fix it is to put a drain in.
The council voted to amend the zoning map for the Jennifer Hardwick property at 401 East Wilson Street from a B-4 to and R-7.
In council member reports:
-Councilman Johnny Eller said in nine months or earlier that they had to make a decision on whether or not to renew the lease or get out of the golf course. He said they were pushing $900,000 at the golf course, and he looks at is as a “waste of money.” He said he would like to see this money invested in the sports complex.
-Councilman John Braddy said he had represented Dillon County on the McLeod Heath Board of Trustees, and they were blessed to have an organization like McLeod committed to keeping healthcare in the rural communities. He said they don’t need to take that for granted. Braddy also said that the mayor does a good job of representing the city as a spokesman. He also inquired about the median on East Main Street. City Manager Wagner said this was strictly the city’s call, and he had contacted an engineer for a cost estimate. SCDOT has to sign off on it.
-Councilman Phil Wallace commented on the golf course. He said this year Main Street United Methodist Church raised $20,000-$22,000 for the Red Cross that stays here in Dillon County, and in the fall of last year, Pee Dee Coalition raised about $9,000 that stays here in the county. Wallace said he thought that it was probably the prudent thing to go forward on buying the golf course, renegotiating with Mr. Johnson, and then they could get grant money to help with the costs.
-Councilman Douglas Jackson inquired about the house on East Main Street. Code Enforcement Officer Genwright said they are waiting on the contractor to start construction. He said that he will talk to him and try to expedite him.
-Councilwoman Connie Manning asked if there was a set time for mosquito spraying. Wagner said usually right at dusk. She also inquired about ditch cutting.
-Councilman Eller inquired about the mural that had been discussed on the wall at Hwy. 301 and Main. Wagner said there was nothing to report at this point. Wagner said they would need to decide on what would go there and who would be paying for it. Then an exchange of words broke out between Mayor Davis and Eller over the mural.
To watch this meeting in its entirety, visit The Dillon Herald’s channel on YouTube (Search for Johnnie Daniels/Look for The Dillon Herald sign).

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