Editorial: The World Shapers

American Education Week is a time when we recognize and celebrate the contributions of our educators, staff, and all who contribute to preparing our students to face the challenges of a global economy.
Global economy may seem like a big statement, but with today’s technology, the internet, and most recently, in our own area, Inland Port Dillon, Dillon County is connected not just to our county, not just our region or state, and not just our country. All of these things connect us to the world, and our students must be ready to meet the challenges.
Some great things are going on in our schools. For example, on the front of today’s issue and in a past issues, some students from both Districts Three and Four made perfect scores on the SCPASS tests. This is a remarkable achievement and very worthy of note. Students are coming out of the Dillon County ATECH Center with cosmetology licenses, automotive certifications, etc. and are ready for work right out of high school. We have students achieving both academically and athletically, and Dillon County can boast a number of nationally recognized figures in both areas. Many of these people will attribute at least some measure of their success to a teacher.
Teachers have a huge impact on our lives. You may not remember every person who you have come across in your path in life, but most certainly, you remember some teacher who had an influence on you or shaped you in some way.
The job of a teacher is not what it used to be. While the job of a teacher has never been easy, it certainly has more challenges than ever before in our ever-changing society.
While most of this editorial has been on teachers, we cannot forget the importance of the support staff and administration who make this all work from the superintendents and assistants, the administrative professionals, the lunch staff, the custodians, and all who contribute to keeping our schools safe, clean, and provide a good environment for learning.
Our educators are our world shapers because they are the ones who are getting our students ready for the future and guiding them into the brave, new world before them.

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