Editorial: Do Right

Our public officials are very important people in our lives because they make decisions that affect all of us on the local, state, and national levels. It is the job that we elect them to do on our behalf.
Sometimes our public officials lose their way for one reason or another. They get caught up in their own agendas or vendettas. Maybe they seek to show their own power or their perceived power or they have some misguided need or desire to show everyone who is in charge. They go headstrong in the wrong direction due to their unwillingness to listen to the will of their constituents or to consider other courses of action. They don’t consider the greater good or the best for the public they serve. They lose sight of their responsibility and forget that they are “public” servants with a duty to serve the people and honor their wishes.
There is hope. As Nelson Mandela said, “The time is always right to do right.” Do right.

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