DILLON Mural Dedicated

By Betsy Finklea
The City of Dillon’s fourth mural, the DILLON mural, was dedicated on Friday.
The mural is the fourth of five murals that have been erected in the City of Dillon in the past year. This mural was created by Narzhio, the artist.
The mural is located at the City of Dillon Visitor’s Center at 106 S. Railroad Ave. in Dillon in the future festival marketplace area.
Downtown Development Director Lisa Moody said the idea for the DILLON mural came about when she was driving around with her dad and saw the MARION mural and saw how it made the square pop. She tracked down Narzhio and in 2021, they began working on the idea and the project. She went on social media and asked the community what should go inside each of the letters and took these ideas to develop the finished product.
On the sides of the mural are the state flower—the Yellow Jessamine.
The letters are D, which features James W. Dillon; I, which features the Veterans Memorial; L, which features a golfer at the golf course; L, which features the train depot; O, which features the city logo; and N, which features the Dillon High School Wildcat and Dillon Christian School Warrior, the downtown fountain, and a dove of hope and peace.
Narzhio, the artist, said he used many colors to make the piece pop and stand out.
Moody said this is the perfect piece for what will be the festival marketplace event space. There will be a permanent stage, lights, and landscaping added to this area. She said this mural brightens her day and brings something to the downtown area. After the dedication, those in attendance went inside to enjoy refreshments, look at other art on display by Narzhio in the visitors center, and talk with the artist.

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