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Never Give Up

I recently became more vividly aware of a courageous struggle that is being waged by a man with whom I am quite familiar.  His name is Terry White, and he served (when he was able) as a deacon in our church in Florence. 

Good And Bad Mothers

With Mother’s Day being just a few days away, I thought it very appropriate and timely to make some comments on what is arguably the most essential and influential human position in our culture.

A Living Institution Within An Institution

In all actuality, this commentary started forty-eight years ago, when a man from Latta, South Carolina, fresh out of Morris College, came to Dillon School District Two as a social studies teacher. Little did he realize at the time that he would stay in one school district for so long and would become one of its most beloved and enduring teachers; a living institution within an institution.

Mr. President, I Respectfully Disagree

That which I have always feared has happened. In all sincerity, I knew it was coming before it came.

Against All Odds: The Samuel Ndikumana Story

It was in August of 2009, when I first met Samuel Ndikumana, who I refer to as “Sammy.”