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Libby’s Recipes: Lady Fingers

Thanks to my sister, Judy, for this week’s recipe.

Libby’s Recipes: Diamond Fudge

This recipe comes from my late Aunt Sue Mac, my mother’s baby sister.

Libby’s Recipes: Sue’s Spoonbread

This recipe is from my sister Judy and originally came to her from our late Aunt Sue Mac.

Libby’s Recipes: Sara Mac’s Mixed Fruit

This fruit is good with a slice of pound cake…

Libby’s Recipes: Hashbrown Potato Pie

Thanks to my sister, Judy, for this recipe. They like it for supper

Libby’s Recipes: Crockpot Chocolate Candy

With the holidays rapidly approaching, I decided to re-run this easy candy recipe that makes a very large quantity. Good for gift-giving….

Libby’s Recipes: Cranberry Salad

This salad always appeared at our Thanksgiving and Christmas tables. It comes from my late Aunt Ebbie and is very good with poultry and pork dishes.

Libby’s Recipes: Chicken Pie

This is an old standby recipe we have enjoyed for years.

Libby’s Recipes: Mama’s Pimento Cheese

Here is another of my mother’s recipes…Good and easy.

Libby’s Recipes: Raisin-Nut Sandwich Spread

This is one of the first recipes I included in the column several years ago. It is a sandwich my mother made for every dinner-on-the-grounds at church.