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The Greatest

0 When you use the superlative form of great, you are assuming a great deal, that there is none equal, you are better than anyone else, you have arrived, you have it made and believe it to be true.  Others may doubt your claim, but you are comfortable in your assertion.  And you know what,…


Presently a resident in a health facility, my nearing 100 years old friend grew up the hard way.  She was a member of a sharecropper family of six including the mother and father.  They were ‘poor’ in things of this world but admitted to having many blessings  bestowed upon them so in a sense they were ‘rich’ in many less obvious ways for which they were thankful.  But life was nevertheless challenging.

A Sign Of The Times

I attend one of the  eight named Presbyterian Churches in Dillon County, one that was organized in 1871 when many of the members of Little Pee Dee Presbyterian Church (no longer active) decided the long wagon/buggy trip there from the upper part of the county was a problem thus Kentyre came into being.

My Little Friend

My bathroom is mostly white, tile, paint, mirror plus plenty of light so I can see fairly well if the size is right.  I have recently been joined by my ‘Little Friend’, a bug or insect, whichever who has taken up temporary residence there and to whom I am indebted.  


He was working when he got the call from a relative with the ‘bad’ news.  Our friend, already terminally ill, was beyond that diagnosis and his time was fleeting.  Would he come to visit for the final performance?

The Crown Jewel

The HERALD has given extraordinary, even encyclopedic coverage to the opening of the new auditorium recently given birth off US 301 North and Superintendent Ray Rogers II Way. Impressive is an understatement.

Imagine That

Vicarious: “… felt or undergone as if one were taking part in the experience or feelings of another…” real or imagined.  The American Heritage Dictionary

A Watering Hole

Recently I had several options as to where I might have breakfast, mostly fast food establishments and even at the hospital which might have been my best choice, but I sought something less ‘clinical’ so I ended up off a busy boulevard at a place I have visited often in the past, the epitome of fast food to be sure.

Happy Birthday

We all, ready or not, have birthdays, some with exaggerated celebrations, and others celebrated by enjoying simple, reflective moments.


I have a gun, a .38 pistol that is unique in that, although past is 25th birthday, it has never been fired.  It is still in its original box, wrapped in a oiled based paper and secure, that is away from public view, waiting in case the owner has an improbable use for it. And it probably would not be of much defensive use anyhow because of its location.