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Looking for gardening tips and information? Various gardening experts offer advice. This also includes The Garden Spot columns by Callen Outen, former Horticulturist for Clemson Extension.

Lawn Burweed

Lawn burweed, also known as spurweed and stickerweed, can be painful when walking across the lawn.

Seed Germination

Do you have old seed packets that didn’t make it into the garden the last few years?

The Role Of Organic Matter In Soil

Organic matter is vital for healthy soil. The organic matter in soil aids in interactions between soil properties.

Cold-Damaged Plants

When temperatures drop down to freezing or below freezing, plants that are not adapted will die back to the ground or unfortunately die altogether.

What’s Causing Your Hay Fever?

What’s causing your hay fever? Unfortunately, goldenrods share their bloom time with the inconspicuous ragweeds.

How To Select The Best Mums And Pumpkins

Are you seeing mums and pumpkins everywhere you go? How do you select the best and make them last?

Mountain Mint

Mountain mint is an easy growing perennial that flowers from July to August.

Forage Radish

Are you planting a fall garden this year or leaving it fallow? If you are not planting a fall garden, you should plant a cover crop.

The Best Time To Plant Shrubs

When is the best time to plant shrubs?


Eggplant (Solanum melongena) is a warm-season vegetable that typically has a long growing season and grows slowly during cool periods.