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Looking for gardening tips and information? Various gardening experts offer advice. This also includes The Garden Spot columns by Callen Outen, former Horticulturist for Clemson Extension.

The Best Time To Plant Shrubs

When is the best time to plant shrubs?


Eggplant (Solanum melongena) is a warm-season vegetable that typically has a long growing season and grows slowly during cool periods.


What is your favorite apple variety? Many consumers are fans of the ‘Honeycrisp’ because they desire a red apple with a combination of crunch and sweet.

Paw Paws

Pawpaw (Asimina trilobal) is the largest edible tree fruit native to the United States. Pawpaws are understory trees or thicket-shrubs that grow in deep, rich fertile soils near river-bottoms.

Lace Bugs

Azalea lace bugs can be very destructive pests. They have piercing-sucking mouth parts in both nymph and adult life stages.

Luna Moth

The Luna moth (Actias luna) is one of the most stunning moths found in North America.


Did you know there are at least 61 different species of mosquitos in South Carolina?

Indian Pink

Indian pink (Spigelia marilandica), is a native herbaceous perennial that occurs naturally in South Carolina.


Dogfennel (Eupatorium capillifolium) is native to North American and can be a tall annual or short-lived perennial. Dogfennel has densely hairy stems that come from a woody crown.


Do you think wasps are eating your outdoor wooden furniture or structure?