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The personal reflections and commentary of Bishop Michael Goings, a well-known pastor and author, on local, state, national, and international issues. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in these columns are those of Michael Goings, the author, and do not necessarily reflect those of The Dillon Herald. He is solely responsible for the content of these articles.

Dr. Ben Bernanke: A Profile Of Greatness

Undoubtedly the most famous and prominent individual with family roots in Dillon is Dr. Ben Bernanke, the very astute and accomplished Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

The Last Christmas

When I was growing up in Newtown, the time beginning with Thanksgiving and extending through Christmas into the New Year was the most anticipated and joyous time of the year

Selisa Scott Is A Voice For Many Parents

Dear Editor:
I am writing about the article written by Bishop Michael Goings “An Unsung Hero with Unswerving Valor.”

An Unsung Hero With Unswerving Valor

In the annals of human history and from the dawn of time, there have been people who were classified as heroes or heroines.  These often time very ordinary people were catapulted on the spare of the moment into the crucibles and were able through their courage and sacrifice to do extraordinary things.

A Push For Patriotism

In the sixties, Mr. Herbert Crawford, in his usual fashion, would traverse the grounds of Gordon Elementary School.  

Amen To Good Manners Commentary

I want  to shout  out a big AMEN in response to Bishop Michael Goings’ commentary  in the paper. He said it all when it comes to manners and respect.

Good Manners Matter

I know that when my son reads this, he will most likely be a bit embarrassed due to the fact that the idea for this commentary was birthed as a result of a conversation that he and I recently had.  

Advice For Graduates

If I had to share a word with the graduation Class of 2013, it would be the following.  You have entered a stage of your life that can be classified as a new beginning.  

Never Give Up

I recently became more vividly aware of a courageous struggle that is being waged by a man with whom I am quite familiar.  His name is Terry White, and he served (when he was able) as a deacon in our church in Florence. 

A Living Institution Within An Institution

In all actuality, this commentary started forty-eight years ago, when a man from Latta, South Carolina, fresh out of Morris College, came to Dillon School District Two as a social studies teacher. Little did he realize at the time that he would stay in one school district for so long and would become one of its most beloved and enduring teachers; a living institution within an institution.