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A House Divided: Can America Be Healed?

Now that perhaps the most turbulent and polarizing presidential campaign season in modern American history is over and we know who our next President is, we are faced with a great challenge and dilemma that was produced by the mudslinging, name calling, and dirty politics that came from both sides.

Was Hurricane Matthew’s Devastation An Act Of God?

I was taught from my youth that all floods, storms, and earthquakes are acts of God.  Now that I have grown up and am able to investigate, analyze, and come to my own conclusion about things, I am still persuaded that all weather patterns and occurrences are under the sovereign oversight of God.  Simply stated, this means that the Almighty has absolute control over all the occurrences and patterns of the weather.  This is the case when it comes to rain, floods, storms, volcanoes, earthquakes, and any other natural event, regardless of how sudden, unpredictable, and even catastrophic it might be.

Invaluable Lessons Learned From Hurricane Matthew

It’s Tuesday night and I have been without electricity for about four days now since Hurricane Matthew unleashed the fury of its wind and rain upon our locale.  

Blacks Who Support Donald Trump And Why

There was a time in my life when it would have been very difficult, if not impossible, for me to even write about the subject of African-Americans voting for a Republican candidate for president, especially one of Donald Trump’s demeanor and method of race baiting.  

Dillon County’s Mount Rushmore

As a lifelong citizen of Dillon County, who was born and reared in Newtown, the most heavily black populated section of the county, the curious and historical part of my mind has often pondered the thought of who were the most important people in the founding and development of Dillon County, especially the city of Dillon.

People Who Are Dying Before Their Time

“Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish:  why shouldest thou die before thy time?”  —Ecclesiastes 7:17

Colin Kaepernick: The Right To Be Wrong

When my daughter, who is a history teacher at a middle school in the city of Darlington, South Carolina, called me this morning (Wednesday, August 31, 2016), she asked me what I thought about Colin Kaepernick’s protest by refusing to stand for the playing of the National Anthem that was written by Francis Scott Key.

Talking Right And Walking Wrong Is Hypocrisy

The idea for this article today came from the late Chuck Colson, from both the Watergate Fame and the Prison Fellowship Ministry.

A Talented Young Man With Dillon Roots

A question was once asked in antiquity that has reverberated through history.  Although it has been applied to many similar situations concerning the most essential person (Jesus Christ) in the annals of human history, I am going to borrow and use it again through this contemporary paraphrase:  “Can any good thing come out of Dillon?”  

The Marathon Educator

My column this week has come with great anticipation, as many others.  I speculated and wondered when Mr. James Moultrie, District Four and Dillon County’s most enduring classroom teacher, would finally retire.