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Letter To The Editor: It’s A Sad Situation

I thought of this saying today when I read the front page story in the August 4, 2011 edition of the HERALD. The saying was one that my late mother-in-law used to say when she read or heard about an event comparable to the reported story about the robbery of a local business that led to a shooting and subsequent arrests of 3 suspects.

Letter To The Editor: Much Needed Financial Transparency

On Wednesday, Aug. 3, I was proud to join Gov. Haley and others for a bill-signing ceremony at TriCounty Technical College’s satellite campus in Easley, S.C.

Letter To The Editor: A Bunch Of Hungry Hogs

They’re back, Citigroup, Coca-Cola, IBM, Merck, and dozens of other major US corporations are back in Washington like hogs at the trough demanding to be fed another tax boondoggle. This is not the first pig-out for these oinkers.

Letter To The Editor: Proactive Fire Department

Today I witnessed a proactive fire department in action.

Letter To The Editor: Tax Dodging?

I once wrote about G.E. with their slogan that I loved. It said “At General Electric Progress is our most important product.” Now G.E. is in the headlines again! Our country is asking everyone to help with shared sacrifice to cope with multibillion-dollar budget deficits. Everyone must do their part by giving up some essential programs. Some say G.E. the global conglomerate has made tax dodging its chief business.

Letter To The Editor: County Council Got This One Right

Even without the “Corridor of Shame” reference in the I-73 support resolution, it’s hard to imagine how the County Council would ever consider giving its support to this fiasco.

Letter: Association President Calls On Fellow Chiefs For Assistance

Our meeting is scheduled for July 7th at 7 PM at B&C Steakhouse. I ask you to make plans to attend or have someone there in your place. Our attendance has dropped off, and we need people who can represent and speak on your department’s behalf.

Letter To The Editor: Is America Broke?

We in America must do better to equitably distribute its wealth income. This will happen when we make the wealthy pay their fair share to balance our budgets and our huge deficits. America always cries broke.

Letter To The Editor: Americanism and the Elite Few

I think Americanism for regular people is to go to school- get a job. Try to save your money, to get a car. Some try to buy a house. If you work and live our USA will look out for us with social security. These regular citizens make up 98 percent of our population (poor and middle class).

Letter To The Editor: Foster Care

Across South Carolina, children from all walks of life are in the foster care system due to neglect or abuse from their parents or guardians. Every day we seek safety and permanency for these children be reuniting them with their parents, relative adoption, adoption by someone outside the family or relative custody/guardianship.