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Health Officials Strongly Suggest Social Distancing And Wearing Face Masks

DHEC, SCHA, SCMA and SCORH have come together to strongly urge all South Carolinians to actively help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and save the lives of our fellow residents by practicing physical social distancing and properly using face masks.

South Carolina’s Motor Fuel User Fee To Increase

For the fourth consecutive year, South Carolina’s Motor Fuel User Fee, which helps support road, bridge, and infrastructure construction in South Carolina, will increase from $0.22 to $0.24 per gallon beginning July 1.

EPA Urges Public To Dispose Of PPE Properly

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is encouraging all Americans to recycle materials from their households and properly dispose of personal protective equipment (PPE), especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SC Thrive Announces Rental-Assistance Program For State Residents Impacted By COVID-19

SC Thrive is pleased to announce, in cooperation with the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority (SC Housing), the launch of the COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program.

Gas Prices Inching Higher

Gas prices in the Carolinas are inching higher as most of the region pushes towards re-opening, causing a growing number of people to hit the road.

Every Voter In South Carolina Qualified To Vote Absentee In June Primaries And Run-offs

Every voter in South Carolina is now qualified to vote absentee in the June Primaries and Runoffs.

Secretary Of State’s Office Open For Business

Just a couple months ago, our world changed as COVID-19 spread and social distancing became the norm.

2020 Census Will Help Determine Where Funds Go For Roads And Bridges

Next time you’re on your morning commute, merging on to a freeway or crossing a bridge, think of the decennial census.
Your responses to the 2020 Census, which includes every person living in the United States, may help decide when and where roads and bridges will be built in your community.

May Is Mental Health Month

May is Mental Health Month. This year, the South Carolina Department of Mental Health wants to remind our state of the services available to all, particularly in light of COVID-19.

SLED Warns Of COVID-19 Scams

S.C. Law Enforcement Division Chief would like to remind everyone that as we continue to make our way through this coronavirus pandemic, scammers will continue to develop ways to take advantage of the situation.