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City Passes Second Reading Of Ordinance Regarding Homeowners Performing Work On Primary Residence

The Dillon City passed the second reading of Ordinance 10-14 [an ordinance amending Title 5, Chapter 1 (Building Regulation and Code Enforcement), Section 5-1-23 (Homeowners May Perform Work in Primary Residence) of the City of Dillon Code of Ordinances] at their December meeting.

City Passes Second Reading Of Ordinance Prohibiting Flyers On Motor Vehicles

The second reading of Ordinance 10-13 [an Ordinance amending Title 9, Chapter 3 (Offenses Against Property), Section 9-3-7 (Newspaper, Handbill, Advertiser, Circular Delivery Controlled, Subscriptions Excluded) of the City of Dillon Code of Ordinances] was passed at the December meeting of the Dillon City Council.

Second Reading Of Sign Ordinance Passes

Ordinance #10-12 (Prohibited Signs) was presented for second reading at a recent meeting of the Dillon City Council.

Dillon County Mentioned In Book

Dillon County has gotten five different mentions in the fifth edition of “Drive I-95” by Stan Posner and Sandra Phillips-Posner.

City Council Receives Report On Tree Planting

Revitalization Coordinator Maggie Riales reported on the tree planting at the Dillon City Council meeting.

Man Pleads Guilty In Death Of Dillon Man

A man pled guilty in Marlboro County General Sessions Court in early December to the 2005 murder of Travis Gallishaw of Dillon.

Esther Thomas Appointed To BAR

The Dillon City Council appointed Esther Thomas to the Board of Architectural Review.

City Passes First Reading Of Water/Sewer Tap Amendment

The Dillon City Council passed the first reading of Ordinance 10-15 [an ordinance amending Title 4 (Public Utilities), Chapter 4 (Charges and Fees), Section 4-4-9(E) (New Connections) of the City of Dillon Code of Ordinances in order to provide sewer service to the property line of all commercial businesses within the corporate limits of the city] at the December meeting.

Let’s Make 2011 A Year For Better Government In S.C.

It’s often said that the New Year is a time for new beginnings, an opportunity for fresh starts. Typically we vow to exercise more, eat less, spend a little less time at work, develop new skills, or set some other worthy goal.

Editorial: Express Your Opinion This Year

When making you new year’s resolutions this year, how about add one more to your list? Make a resolution to write at least one letter to the editor this year.