Woodmen Life Makes Donation To Logistics Of Hustling

Many were in attendance as Logistics of Hustling, Inc. was award $5000 by Woodmen Life. This is a nonprofit organization founded by Detrice McCollum Dawkins. Dawkins found the organization due to her undeniable love for helping troubled youth and those deserving of a second chance. Detrice has many years of experience within the community service realm. From fostering troubled youth in a level 4 home, community outreach, feeding senior citizens, etc.
She has several supporters for this nonprofit organization. The late sheriff’s wife, Cynthia Pernell, spoke to Dawkins saying “Douglas believed in second chances. He supported you. We will continue to support you.” Also, amongst her supporters were Sheriff Jamie Hamilton, Chief Deputy Wayne Green and Mayor Tally McColl. Anderson Brothers Bank was in attendance as well cheerfully supporting. Shipp Daniel, our county assistant solicitor, also gives his support but could not make the event due to scheduling conflicts.
David Longacre stated “We want to see the youth advance. We want to help you achieve this goal.”
Detrice ended the ceremony thanking everyone for the overwhelming support. She stated “She’s excited to bring the mission of Logistics of Hustling, Inc. to life. Making a continuous effort to impact the lives of those deserving a second chance and a fresh start.” She also stated that there is over fifteen nonprofit organizations in Dillon, and that she is looking forward to working with all of them.

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