Dillon City Council Gets Update On Vacant Buildings

By Betsy Finklea
The City of Dillon Council received an update on an ordinance they recently passed regarding vacant commercial and/or industrial building registration at their March meeting.
City Manager Glen Wagner said that 50 vacant buildings were identified within the city 34 have registered and paid the registration fee; 10 have not registered and have been notified, but the city is waiting to receive the certified mail return from the post office; and six have not registered and been notified and the certified mail return has been received from the post office.
Mayor Pro-Tem Phil Wallace asked about the purpose for registration.
Code Enforcement Director Benny Genwright said the purpose is to make known that the City of Dillon wants vacant buildings in the city to be renovated and occupied. He said the city would like to be of assistance as far as building codes and giving information on the do’s and don’ts as far as vacant buildings.
They also want to make people aware of the harmful effects that these buildings could have on the City of Dillon. Genwright said that the city has some grants that could possibly help.
He wants to make known to the public that the city is here to help, but that building owners need to communicate with city officials.
The city’s goal is to have buildings renovated to their original state so they can be occupied by a reliable business.
Genwright is very proud of the City of Dillon, and his goal one day is for the City of Dillon to be an All-American City. Genwright said they are focusing on the whole city, not just Main Street.
Genwright said that he appreciates the property owners that have come in so far and noted that several had come in during the past two weeks.
Genwright said Code Enforcement wants to have a good working relationship with the community.
He said it will be a win-win situation for everyone-the building owners, the City of Dillon, and the citizens of Dillon.
The list will be updated each month for council’s review.

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