Local Pastor Writes Novel

A local author and well-known pastor in Dillon County has released his first novel.
Bishop Michael Goings 448-page novel, Seed Of Simon, was written about three or four years before COVID-19.

The book is about Rafael Smith, who keeps having recurring dreams about Simon of Cyrene and who gives blood that heals a man of all of his cancer. Smith later finds out that he is a descendant of Simon of Cyrene. Simon of Cyrene is the man the Romans made carry the cross of Jesus of Nazareth as he was taken to his crucifixion.
Goings said this has been a long time coming. He first began writing poems, plays and skits for his fraternity in his college says, and then began writing fiction. He is also a columnist for The Dillon Herald and other media outlets.
Goings said he has always had an active imagination even from early childhood and daydreaming became an outlet for his creativity. In high school, he helped write the class song. He also wrote a play, Children of Ebony, in which his wife was cast. It was through this play that he and his wife became acquainted and eventually married. Goings has written other novels that have never been published and the publication of Seed of Simon came about after a publisher expressed interest in another book that he had written and released. He mentioned to the publisher that he had this novel, and it went from there. Goings said he has always had an obsession with writing fiction first. He does a great deal of reading and has read the encyclopedia, has enjoyed the Marvel Comics, and has read the Bible.
Goings said he is excited about the novel and that he is already being talked to about film rights for the novel. Goings said the novel is the Lord’s doing and he does not take credit for it.
The book is out now in e-book and softcover versions and a hardback copy will be available at a later date. (adv.)

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