New County Administrator Signs Contract

As reported in Tuesday’s paper, the Dillon County Council offered a contract to Tim Harper, the current administrator in Marion County.
On Tuesday, Harper signed the contract accepting the position of Dillon County Administrator.
The contract reads as follows:

Dillon County, South Carolina (hereinafter referred to as “the County”) and G. Timothy Harper (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Harper”).
Mr. Harper shall serve as County Administrator in accordance with S.C. Code Section 4-9-620, Section 4-9-630 and the S.C. Home Rule Act. He will at all times and to the best of his ability perform the duties of the position as may from time to time be outlined in a written job description, which duties and responsibilities shall include but not be limited to (a) supervision of all aspects of the operations of the County, (b) employing and managing County personnel, (c) supervision of County financial affairs as set forth in the annual County operating and capital budget, (d) acquisition, maintenance, and additions to plant, equipment and buildings, (e) representation of the County government in public and civic affairs, (f) attendance at all County Council meetings, (g) compliance with all County ordinances, and (i) such special duties consistent with his position which may be assigned from time to time by the County Council. Mr. Harper shall not engage in any other professional or business activities which will, in the sole determination, of the County Council, adversely affect or interfere with his employment by or performance of his services and duties to the County.
Mr. Harper must be bondable and if bonded, the entire premium shall be paid by the County.
In consideration for his service, the County shall pay to Mr. Harper the following salary and provide him with the following benefits:
(a) SALARY. An annual salary of $128,000.00 dollars ($128,000.00) for the calendar year 2023 and each calendar year thereafter under this contract to be paid in equal bi-weekly installments. Salary increases and benefits may be considered in light of Mr. Harper’s performance.
(b) INSURANCE. Health insurance, life and/or accident insurance benefits and disability benefits for himself and his dependents on the same basis as they are provided for other full-time employees of the County.
(c) RETIREMENT. Contributions to the State Retirement System on the same basis as for other non-public safety employees.
(d) VEHICLE. A vehicle allowance of $7,200.00 dollars ($600.00) per month. Mr. Harper shall be responsible for the cost of operation, maintenance and insurance of the vehicle and also for the payment of any income taxes which he may be liable as a result of this benefit.
(e) MOBILE DEVICE. A mobile device allowance of $1,200.00 dollars ($100.00) per month. Mr. Harper shall be responsible for purchase and service cost of a cell phone or other mobile device.
(f) PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS. The County agrees to pay for Harper’s professional dues and subscriptions for his participation in national, regional, state and local associations of organizations necessary to desirable for his continued professional participation, growth and advancement, and for the good of the County. (ICMA, NACo, NACA, SCAC, SCCCMA, etc.)
(g) OTHER TRAVEL AND BUSINESS EXPENSES. The County agrees to pay for Harper’s travel and subsistence for his professional and official travel, meetings, and occasions adequate to continue Harper’s professional development and to adequately pursue necessary official and other functions for the County.
The County Council may from time to time formally evaluate Mr. Harper’s performance and inform him of such evaluations.
Unless Mr. Harper’s employment terminates sooner as set forth in Item 7 below, this contract shall extend until June 30, 2025.
(a) TERMINATION BY MR. HARPER. Mr. Harper may terminate this contract at any time, provided however, that if he provides the County less than ninety (90) days written notice (or not less than the remaining term of this contract) of his intent to terminate he forfeits compensation for his accrued annual leave.
(b) TERMINATION RESULTING FROM DEATH OR DISABILITY. This contract shall terminate without notice or further compensation upon Mr. Harper’s death or upon his having been continuously unable to perform the full range of his duties for any 90 days in any 360 consecutive days.
(c) TERMINATION FOR MISCONDUCT. In the event Mr. Harper is terminated ty County before the expiration of the term of employment, established herein, if Harper is willing and able to perform the duties of the County Administrator at the time of termination, the County agrees to pay Harper the lump sum cash payment equal to the amount that would have been paid to Harper had this Contract remained in effect as provided in the termination clause below, PROVIDED HOWEVER, that in the event Harper is terminated because of his conviction of any felony involving personal gain to him, then in that event the County shall have no obligation to pay the aggregate sum designated in the following paragraph. 2301
(d) TERMINATION WITHOUT CAUSE. At Dillon County’s sole discretion, this contract of employment may be terminated by Dillon County without cause upon notice to Mr. Harper and upon payment to Mr. Harper of six (6) months salary and benefits or for the remaining term of this contract, whichever is less. Benefits as used herein is defined as the employer’s retirement contribution, health insurance and accrued vacation.
Mr. Harper shall accrue annual leave and sick pay as provided for other employees of Dillon County.
This contract may be amended by the parties at any time, but no amendment shall be effective unless in writing and executed with the same formality as this contract.
This contract represents the entire agreement between the County and Mr. Harper and incorporates all oral or written agreement relating to his employment.

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