County Donates Ambulance To Dillon Rescue

By Betsy Finklea
EMS and Emergency Services Director Daniel Moody came before council at their December meeting about the donation of a used ambulance.
Interim Administrator Matthew Elvington said that the Dillon Rescue Squad was requesting the donation of an ambulance. Moody said that the ambulance was a 2013 model and had 130,000 miles on it.
He said the rescue squad’s spare truck had been out of service for three or four years, and they wanted this truck to haul tools, etc. It is not going to be used to transport patients. He said they are basically just wanting the chassis. The motion passed.
He also discussed the mutual aid agreement for emergency services. He said to get certain grants one has to have that on file. It is a statewide mutual aid agreement, but every municipality and county has to sign it. It is to provide assistance if needed. The motion to approve it passed.

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