Anti-Crime, Anti-Violence Rally Held In Riverdale

The Empowerment in Action meeting on Hwy. 9 in Riverdale on October 13 saw a large increase in attendance with nearly 80 people there to hear the message against crime and violence.

James Orr presided and Pastors John Graves, Michael Keyes and Steven Tyler prayed, read Scripture, and shared the mission statement.
Speakers included Nurse Sarah Horne and Chief of Security Tracy Pelt from McLeod Hospital in Dillon. Deacon Robert Blue and Victoria Carmichael each sang stirring songs.

Pastor Russell Nelson preached a stirring and hopeful message giving an invitation to all there. Pastor John Graves and his team set up the sound equipment and local church musicians formed a praise band.
Empowerment in Action consists of local pastors and law enforcement officials who are working to curb violence and crime in Dillon County. Their mission statement says, “The existence of the association is to function as a caring intervention from crime.

The purpose is to empower men and women with the Godly/Spiritual/Prayerful influence to discourage the operation of violence, destruction of lives, and high crime in our community.”
The next meeting is planned for October 27th at Little Rock Community Park in Little Rock.
Henry Street Park in Latta will be November 10th.

All area ministers are invited to come and see how they may join the fight against crime and violence.
The public is urged to attend each meeting.

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