July 21, 2022
Council Chambers
Date: Thursday, July 21, 2022
Time: 7:00 P.M.
Place: Council Chambers, Lake View Town Hall, 205 N. Main Street, Lake View, SC
Presiding: Dennis Townsend, Mayor
Present at Chambers: Councilmembers Mertis Barnett, Mitsey Church, David Johnson, and David Kitchens
Also Present: Arba Bryant, Robert Bryant, Paula King, Anthony Moore, Robert Norton, Eula Page, Lynn Page, and Karen Cook-Henderson
Mayor Dennis Townsend welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with prayer.
Councilmember David Kitchens motioned to approve the minutes from the June 16, 2022, meeting with Councilmember Mitsey Church making the second. All were in favor. Councilmember Mertis Barnett motioned to approve the minutes from the June 30, 2022 meeting, with Councilmember Mitsey Church making the second. All were in favor.
The Lake View Revitalization Committee asked the Council for a letter of support for the application for the T-Mobile grant. All were in favor and Mayor Townsend will sign the letter. The grant application will include funds for cleaning and painting the fronts of some of the downtown businesses, as well as beautification supplies to be used in the downtown area.
Councilmember Mertis Barnett updated the Council on the Food Truck Rodeo on August 28, 2022. There will be activities like bounce houses and face painters available for a single entrance fee and the opportunity to purchase official lake view merchandise. A budget of $3,820.00 was approved by the Council, with any profits to be used for future events.
Mayor Dennis Townsend revisited the discussion on the Boost Marketing Grant Program from the Dillon Herald. The Dillon Herald will approve the invitation letter, and Town Hall will mail it to non-chain/non-corporate Lake View businesses with a current business license.
Mayor Dennis Townsend presented a request to clarify the usage rules of the Community Center Constitution for routine rentals. Council members will consider the question and discuss it in August. In addition, a request to set up vending machines at Hilltop Park, Centennial Park, and the Recreation Park was presented. The Council denied it because of the concern for litter and vandalism. The rental fee for the Community Center will increase by $150.00.

Mayor’s Report
Grand Strand Water Sewer Authority is evaluating the possibility of providing water and sewer to Page’s Mill Pond. Mr. Hanna will submit a request for grant funding to the SC Rural Infrastructure Authority.
The Hilltop Park was reopened after its renovations. Thank you to everyone who attended, and especially our thanks are offered to The Maniac Foundation for their generous contribution.
A letter was sent to Mr. McDaniels detailing the compromise for his sign on S. Main Street to give him ample time to comply with town ordinances.
An electronic message board was purchased with funds from the Duke Foundation grant. It will be set up to announce the football signups.
At the request of the Strategic Master Plan Advisory Committee, a meeting was held with the DOT to discuss traffic patterns. As a result, a study will be completed to determine the feasibility of adding features that will make our roads more accessible to bike and pedestrian traffic.
The DOT will replace the drainage pipe at the intersection of S. Ford Street and E. 4th Ave.
A certified letter was sent to the property owner on 4th Avenue (Tax Map # 111-07-25-008) asking for permission to access the property to allow for remediation of the drainage concerns at the intersection of E. 3rd Avenue and E. 4th Avenue with no response from the property owner.
The turning lane at the elementary school is in progress.

Council Concerns
Councilmember David Johnson shared that he was pleased with the progress on the Veteran’s Park.
Councilmember David Kitchens thanked the street crew for taking care of the ditches. However, he also added that several of the nuisance properties need attention.
Council member David kitchens announced that CareSouth would host an open forum on July 27th at 7:00 PM at Kemper Baptist Church to hear recommendations for needed services.
Mayor Townsend shared that Latta and Dillon provided much-appreciated help when most of the street crew was ill.
With no further business, Councilmember Mitsey Church motioned to adjourn with Councilmember David Kitchens seconding.
There was no discussion, and all were in favor and the meeting was adjourned.

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