Anti-Violence Rally Held In Latta

The Empowerment In Action group hosted an anti-violence rally in the Latta IGA parking lot Thursday, August 18, 2022. They were assisted by the management of the local IGA in an effort to spread a message of love and community spirit in the Latta area. The grass area in front of the store, as well as the parking lot were utilized. The event was well attended with many sitting in their cars in the parking lot and some grocery patrons stopping to their shopping long enough to listen to the message.
Acting Latta Chief of Police Zane Bryant and Chief Dillon County Magistrate Lutherine Williams spoke of the needs of the citizens to work together and with law enforcement.
Rev. Steve Tyler of Sardis Baptist Church delivered the main message of inclusion in the church and bringing glory to God. Songs were given by Pastors James Orr and Joseph Graham. SLED agent Tempestt Hough sang a special song.
The mission statement of Empowerment in Action is “The existence of this association is to function as a caring intervention from crime. The purpose is to empower men and women with the Godly/ Spiritual/ Prayerful influence to discourage the operation of violence, destruction of lives, and high crime in our community.”
Upcoming events will be at Jacksonville Park, Dillon, September 15; Lake View Community Center, Lake View, September 29; Riverdale Community Center, October 13; and Little Rock Park, Little Rock, October 27.

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