Opportunity In The Area West Of Dillon Noted

By Betsy Finklea
City of Dillon Mayor Pro-Tem Phil Wallace spoke about the opportunity in the area west of Dillon and the rebuilding of downtown Dillon in his report at Thursday’s Dillon City Council meeting.
He said the new school is a “tremendous opportunity.’ He said he had not been out to Bunker Hill Road and down Harllee’s Bridge Road to Highway 34 in quite a while. He said there is a large amount of development out there and available land. Wallace said that potentially this could be their “West Dillon.”
He said they were in the midst of trying to do some things to rebuild downtown. He said rebuilding downtown for 8,500 people is probably not going to draw a lot of shops and places to have commerce there. He said they need a larger number of people to support a downtown the size of Dillon’s. He said this is a great opportunity to start in that direction. He said politicians like to make decisions that they will see the fruits of during their time of service, and these were things that they were going to have to make decisions on that they may not see the fruits of right away. He said he thought they had a council that was ready to make long-term decisions.

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