PDRTA Partners With ABB

Mullins, South Carolina, July 1, 2022 – Anderson Brothers Bank is pleased to announce their partnership with the Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority. A donation of $5,000 was awarded to assist in efforts to provide reliable public transportation to residents of the Pee Dee area.
The Pee Dee Regional Transportation Authority has worked with stakeholders, like Anderson Brothers Bank, for many years in order to help meet the needs of citizens across the Pee Dee Region. These valuable partnerships have helped countless individuals reach their place of employment, medical appointments, educational institutions, shopping, banks as well as everyday transportation needs.
“In keeping with Anderson Brothers Bank’s commitment to the local community, we are happy to be a part of addressing transportation needs of our local residents”, said Glenn Greene, Branch Manager/Loan Officer with Anderson Brothers Bank. “Transportation should be available and affordable for everyone and we are pleased to partner with PDRTA to make that happen.”
Passengers that currently utilize the services of PDRTA consist of senior citizens, veterans, students, medical patients, employees, shoppers and many more. The partnerships with stakeholders like Anderson Brothers Bank are used as matching funds to secure federal funding. Roughly 70% of the service is covered by Federal funding and the remaining 30% is needed from local and state support. PDRTA operates as a non-profit and political subdivision of the state. Donations from partners are crucial to ensuring residents in the Pee Dee region have reliable and affordable transportation. Adv

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