Two Latta Town Councilmen Resign From Office

Two Latta Town Council members resigned from office on Monday just days after a controversial council meeting where they were outvoted 5-2 to proceed with special mayor’s election in a format that was against the advice of their attorney, who has also resigned.
Councilman Robert McIntyre, who started his term in January 2022, and Councilman Joe Williamson, who has been in office since 2020, both resigned on Monday effective immediately.
McIntyre chose not to share his letter which he said was very short; however, this is what Councilman Williamson had to say in his letter of resignation:

July 18, 2022
Latta Town Council
Town of Latta
107 NW Railroad Ave.
Latta, SC 29565
Please accept this correspondence as my resignation from Latta Town Council. My resignation will be effective immediately.
I began my tenure in January 2020 with complete and utter excitement to help and serve the town where my wife and I grew up. We moved away for college and lived elsewhere for 20 plus years before deciding to come back to raise our child and reconnect with family. We agreed we wanted our child to have the same “small town” experience we had growing up. The community of Latta is why we came home and up until last week, I felt I was helping this community, but not anymore.
There have been several instances in the past couple of years in which I have questioned and disagreed with some of Council’s motivations and thought our collective decisions as Town Council were lacking. At the same time, I felt that the character of this Council would eventually create an environment in which the Town of Latta was our priority and not personal gain. Last week, in our monthly meeting, the opposite was undeniably apparent.
I prefer not to elaborate on the details of the political and operational disagreements I have had with this Council, but last week’s total disregard for the law broke the proverbial “camel’s back.” I see now that this council is no longer interested in the betterment of Latta, but only the progression of some of council’s personal agendas. I can no longer be a part of an organization that does not want to help all of Latta.
The Town of Latta has always been, and will continue to be, my home. I hope our citizens understand my resignation in no way reflects how much I love my town and all those who live here. I truly believe my decision is better for my family and the long-term success of this community.
Respectfully yours,
B. Joe Williamson Jr.

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