Juvenile Charged With Murder, Attempted Murder Has First Court Appearance

The juvenile charged with the murder of a 15-year old and the attempted murder of another 15-year old had his first court appearance Monday.
At that hearing, Assistant Solicitor Shipp Daniel filed his intention to try the 13-year old as an adult. That process, Daniel explained, begins with an evaluation of the juvenile and ends with a hearing where a family court judge will grant or deny Daniel’s request to try the juvenile as an adult.
Family Court Judge Salley McIntyre on Monday ordered the juvenile remain in detention pending the completion of that evaluation.
“The process is just beginning in this case, but I believe this juvenile should be treated as an adult due to the nature of the charges,” said Daniel. “This senseless violence has to stop, and we will do everything in our power to see that justice is done for these victims and their families.”
Daniel added that this juvenile, like anyone charged with a crime, is innocent until proven guilty.

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