Dillon County Unofficial Election Results In Key Races: Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Here are some of the unofficial results in key races in Dillon County. These are Dillon County results only.

Dillon County Council District 5
Kenny Cook-220
Maggie Murphy Dunham-137

Dillon County Council District 6
Robbie Coward-460
Larry B. German-87
Gerome “Gee” McLeod-293

Dillon County Council District 7
Stevie Grice-444
Cedric Page-139

S.C. House District 55 (Democratic)
Dillon County Results Only
Jamal Campbell-1,261
Jackie Hayes-3,456

S.C. House District 55 (Republican)
Dillon County Results Only
Robert Norton-752
Tracy Pelt-795

U.S. House Of Representatives District 7
Dillon County Results Only
Barbara Arthur-348
Garrett Barton-27
Russell Fry-822
Mark McBride-27
Spencer A. Morris-13
Tom Rice-288
Ken Richardson-92


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