Groundbreaking, Budget, And COVID-19 Updates Given At District Four Meeting

By Betsy Finklea
The Dillon District Four Board of Trustees discussed their groundbreaking ceremony, got a budget update and a COVID-19 update and more at their meeting on April 18th.
Prior to the meeting, a brief groundbreaking ceremony was held for the IT/Adult Education building. The building is right on track. They are putting the pad in now. They are saving $200,000 due to the way the soil compaction test turned out and will soon be laying the foundation. This should be completed by the end of May, and the building will start going up in June. The project is on target and within the budget.
The board got a budget update from Bryan Rivenbark, Chief Financial Officer. Approximately 67 percent of the budget has been expended. He also reported on federal claims that have been processed.
Rivenbark also reported the good news that they had received a 10 as their score on the risk assessment, which means they are low risk. Areas assessed include program compliance, fiscal compliance, timeliness of the audit, etc. This is a very good score, and the lower the score, the better.
Mandy Hayes reported on Student Services. The board approved a for “Dillon High School and Lake View High School to offer courses for those students who failed a content course with a grade between 50-59 utilizing the software program called Courseware with Education.” This will be offered for summer school. Motion was made by Trustee Famon Whitfield and seconded by Trustee Kenny Bethea. The vote was unanimous.
The new five-year district strategic plan for 2022-2027 was discussed. The school renewal plans and the district strategic plan will be submitted by April 30th. The plans are effective July 1, 2022. They will be updated annually.
Jackie Hayes gave the COVID-19 update. He said at the current time, COVID-19 is not a factor in the school district right now. If it goes back up, they can go back to some of the measures they were taking, he said. He said they are very fortunate, and there are only 29 school days left as of the date of the meeting.
The board then went into an executive session for personnel and a land proposal.

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