Wildcats Defeat Loris Lions

The Dillon Wildcats defeated the visiting Loris Lions 66-61 in varsity basketball played in Dillon on Monday, February 14.
Loris’ Jaleel Chestnut sank a 2-point basket to take an early lead that was answered by a 2-point basket by DeMarco Bethea of Dillon. However, Duke Bellamy connected for two 3-point baskets for the Lions before Zayvion Bethea placed 3 points onto the scoreboard to cut the lead to 3 points, 8-5. Murry Legette sank one for 2 points to go up 10-5. Dillon’s DeMarco Bethea picked up a point at the charity line followed by two more free throws, and Jordan Purnell sank a 3-point shot prior to Loris’ La’Ontray Knox who sank a 2-point basket. As the buzzer sounded to end the first quarter, Loris was up 12-10 and had committed 2 fouls in the first quarter while Dillon committed 1 foul.
In the second quarter, Murry Legette sank a 3-point basket and was fouled. He also calmly sank the free throw to go up 18-11 over Dillon. Quintell Johnson connected for a 2-point basket. On the other end, DeMarco Bethea hit a 2-point basket for Dillon. Duke Bellamy scored 2 points. Dillon’s DeMarco Bethea blocked TJ Hemingway’s shot. DeMarco Bethea sank a free throw. Charles Bethea connected for a 2-point basket followed by Chris Wright with a 2-point basket of his own. Loris quickly responded with a 2-point basket. DeMarco Bethea answered with a 2-point basket and a free throw to cut Loris’ lead to 1 point, 24-23. Zayvion Bethea hit a 2-point basket to give Dillon a 25-24 lead with 1:13 left in the first half. TJ Hemingway responded with a 2-point basket to give Loris a 26-25 lead. Dillon’s Chris Wright picked up a point at the charity line to knot the score at 26 with 26 seconds remaining in the first half. Charles Brayboy pulled down a rebound and laid one in for 2 points to give Dillon a 28-26 lead at halftime. In the second quarter, Dillon committed 5 fouls while Loris committed 6 fouls.
Loris’ Jaleel Chestnut banked one in for 2 points to begin the third quarter. DeMarco Bethea answered with a 2-point lay-up. DeMarco Bethea pulled down and rebound and scored a 2-point basket. Duke Bellamy answered with a point from the free throw line. Dillon’s Charles Brayboy connected for a long 3 followed by Jordan Purnell with a 3-point shot of his own. Loris’ Duke Bellamy sank a free throw with 3:17 remaining in the third quarter to cut Dillon’s lead to 8 points, 38-30. Zayvion Bethea was fouled as he took a 2-point shot for Dillon. He sank 2 free throws. Dillon now led by 10 points, 40-30. Wildcat Chris Wright hit a 3-point basket. Demarco Bethea sank a 2-point basket to give Dillon a 15-point cushion.
Jaleel Chestnut scored a lay-up for 2 points followed by Dillon’s Jordan Purnell who picked up 2 points at the charity line to give Dillon a 47-32 lead. Dillon’s Charles Brayboy made a 2-point lay-up that was answered by CJ Cox who softly dropped one in for 2 points for Loris. After 3 quarters of play, Dillon was up 49-34. Dillon committed 5 fouls while Loris committed 6 fouls in the third quarter with Dillon on top 49-34.
Early in the fourth quarter, Dillon increased the lead to 19 points, 55-36. Back and forth, up and down the court, the teams ran with one scoring and then the other one scoring. Dillon’s DeMarco Bethea dunked the ball a couple of times in the fourth quarter to the Dillon fans delight. With 2:23 remaining in the game, Dillon was up 15 points, 63-48. Loris began to whittle away at the score. With 39 seconds remaining, Dillon’s lead was 65-56. With 21 seconds remaining, Dillon’s lead was 6 points, 65-59.
Dillon’s DeMarco Bethea led all scorers with 28 points. He sank twelve 2-point baskets and 4 free throws. Jordan Purnell had a 2-point basket, two 3-point baskets, and 2 free throws for 10 points. Zayvion Bethea had two 2-point baskets, a 3-point basket, and 2 free throws for 9 points. Charles Brayboy also had 9 points. He connected for three 2-point baskets and a 3-point basket. Chris Wright added 7 points with a 2-point basket, a 3-point basket, and 2 free throws. Amari Dingle sank a 2-point basket.
Loris’ Randall Bellamy led his team with 19 points with three 2-point baskets, three 3-point baskets, and 4 free throws. La’Ontray Knox added 13 points with two 2-point baskets and three 3-point baskets. Jaleel Chestnut sank four 2-point baskets and a free throw for 9 points.
Murry Legette added 8 points on two 3-point baskets and a 2-point basket. CJ Cox added 6 points on two 3-point baskets. JaShawn Johnson, Quintell Johnson, and CJ Hemingway each sank a 2-point basket.

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