From The Red Zone To The Goal Line

Now that we have officially entered into the year of 2022, I believe that it is necessary that we learn how to score and be successful in this new year with all of its challenges and problems confronting us. With the COVID-19 pandemic still being an ever-present perplexity that is inflicting detriment on our economy and death upon tens of thousands of people daily, there is an urgency that confronts all of us in our desires and efforts to be successful. I am going to borrow a term from the American pastime of football to make my points and comments clear today. As expressed in my heading, “From the Red Zone to the Goal Line”, I am going to share some principles and practices that will help you to score in the game of life when you find yourself in the red zone. In the game of football, many teams on every level (from high school to the National Football League) have failed to score once they had the football in their opponent’s territory. Perhaps the most notable in recent memory occurred during Super Bowl XLIX (49) in 2015, between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. On the one-yard line, the head coach of the Seahawks, Pete Carroll, refused to hand the ball to Marshawn Lynch (Beast Mode), who had been the work horse who put them in a position to win the game. Instead, he called a silly play that shall live in sports infamy. He had his quarterback to attempt a pass that was intercepted and cost them the game and their second consecutive Super Bowl win. Before you criticize Pete Carroll for making such a major blunder, let me ask you this question in regard to your life: Are you guilty of making the same mistake as he did that produced an irretrievable loss and humiliation? Believe it or not, there are many who have entered the red zone on the field of life and are struggling to score and secure the victory in many areas of life. Let me give you some common-sense advice that will help you to score once you enter the red zone.

Have a Strategy for the Red Zone
Just like it is on the football field, it is the same when you are competing and advancing on the field of life. Many have been held at bay once they entered the red zone, due to the fact of not having a red zone strategy. What exactly do I mean by a red zone strategy? A red zone strategy consists of maneuvers and tactics that must be designed beforehand that will give you a better chance of tricking and penetrating your opponent’s defense. It is a proven fact that once you enter an opponent’s territory, he will fight harder to keep you from advancing and scoring. This is true in the field of football, war, and the game of life.

Do Not Give Up
One of the disciplines that will help you to keep advancing and ultimately scoring once you are in the red zone is persistence. Unlike the game of football (where you have only four downs and attempts to score from the red zone), the game of life is different.
You could possibly remain in the red zone for months, years, and indefinitely without advancing and scoring if you are not tactful, tenacious, and tough. So, do not give up, give in, or give place to defeat or failure.
Give over to an undefeatable and persistent mindset and remember that a winner never quits and a quitter never wins because the battle is first lost in his mind before it is lost on the battlefield of life.

Be Sure That Your Pursuit Is Sensible and Your Cause Is Just
My final advice to you on how to score from the red zone and achieve victory is two-fold and very important. First, it is essential that you make sure that what you are pursuing and attempting to achieve is sensible and practical. Do not be a Don Quixote and go around fighting imaginary dragons that are really windmills. Make sure that what you are trying to achieve is sensible and within the scope of your training, ability, and skill.
Stay in your lane and do not attempt to imitate others who seem to be successful at what they are doing. If it is out of your lane or league, leave it alone. Finally, be sure that your cause is a just one and not one without merit, mercy, or legality. None of us should be attempting to score from the red zone when we are dealing in any activity or enterprise that is illegal, immoral, and detrimental to the well-being of others. I am a firm believer in the biblical principle and practice that the Lord will bless and smile upon those who are attempting to be fair and just in their dealings with others – whether they are saved or unsaved.
So, let us make sure that we are fair and just when dealing with others that we might attract God’s favor upon us.

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