Johnson And Rouse Honored For Service Of Hometown TV8 (with photo gallery)

Steve Johnson and Randy Rouse of Hometown TV-8 were honored on Tuesday, October 12, with a surprise celebration at the Dillon Church of God on Radford Boulevard, Dillon.
Family members and well-wishers were present for this event including Pastor Joe Grice who had prayer before stating how proud he was of these two men for 18 years of service. This was accomplished with the grace of God.
City of Dillon Mayor Pro tem Phil Wallace presented a proclamation certificate to Johnson and Rouse.
Hometown TV-8 originated in 2003 at the Church of God located on Hwy. 301 South, Dillon. It was available to all Time Warner (later to be Spectrum) subscribers in Marion and Dillon Counties. The channel offered local themes only for sports, cooking, etc. but most importantly to get the Word of God to the public.
Carol Edwards worked at the Hometown TV-8 for 18 years assisting Johnson and Rouse. At a time in the operation of the channel, Rodney Berry joined the team of Johnson and Rouse and helped for 2 years.
Stevie Grice, member of the Dillon County Council, presented a proclamation to Johnson and Rouse. Also, the the City of Marion and the City of Mullins presented proclamations by Rodney Berry. Congressman Tom Rice sent a letter also presented by Rodney Berry.
Many including Johnnie Luehrs, Don Luehrs, former City of Dillon Mayor Todd Davis, Glenn Greene, former City of Mullins Mayor Bo McMillan, and City of Dillon Mayor Pro tem Phil Wallace, and Rev. Jamie Arnette were allowed to speak at the event with each offering positive comments for the service of Hometown TV-8.
Johnson and Rouse each thanked everyone for their support. Everyone was invited to share the refreshments including a cake.

Photos by Johnnie Daniels/The Dillon Herald
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