City Council Discusses Stormwater Mitigation

Stormwater mitigation was discussed recently at a Dillon City Council meeting. Councilman Jay David asked about the status of stormwater mitigation. City Manager Glen Wagner said the study should be completed around September or October. Councilman David inquired about the Maple Swamp watershed project and asked if they could go back to that. Wagner said this was not a city program. It was a county program, and those who served were elected by the general population. This group had no authority or power to raise taxes. Councilman David referred to a rain event where there was two inches of rain in 20 minutes. Councilman David said he thinks the river is their main concern and they should be able to clean it out as needed. He said he talked to a DNR person who told him when a tree falls, they don’t remove it anymore because the Little Pee Dee River is a scenic river and a fishing habitat environmental issue.
He thinks council needs to be more proactive the Maple Swamp.

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