Chamberbitter is a warm-season, annual weed that emerges in early summer. It reproduces by seeds that are found on the underside of each branchlet. Chamberbitter is also known as gripeweed, leafflower, or little mimosa. Chamberbitter grows upright with leaves arranged in two rows on the branchlets.
Weeding and removing chamberbitter prevents the weed from reaching maturity and setting seeds reduces future weed populations. Mulch with two to three inches of mulch to cover the seeds from the previous season. This is very effective because chamberbitter seeds require light to germinate. Preemergent herbicides prevent seedlings from developing and must be applied to seed germination.
Atrazine is effective for preemergence control in centipede grass and St. Augustine grass lawns. Do not apply during the spring green-up or transition period from dormancy to active growth. Apply after the grass has fully greened up to be affective.
Isoxaben is a preemergence herbicide that controls chamberbitter in tall fescue, centipedegrass, St. Augustinegrass, bermudagrass, and zoysiagrass lawns. The granules must be watered-in to coat the soil surface for weed prevention. Make the first application in late spring and the second application 8 weeks later.
Three-way herbicides and Celsius WG can be used as a postemergence herbicides in lawns. Read the product label for rates to mix and apply. Glyphosate is the best choice to control chamberbitter in landscape beds. Glyphosate will move through the plant and into the roots to kill the entire plant. For more information on chamberbitter and recommended products, please visit the Home and Garden Information Center website at Tune in on Tuesday nights to watch “Making it Grow” at 7pm on SCETV or Email Outen at
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