Lost 1978 TV News Story Features Piece Of Dillon History

We heard from Andy Johnston, who in the 1970s did the original Georgia Traveler series for WSB-TV Action News in Atlanta, Ga. He said it “was the best job in television.” In 1978, he came to Dillon to do a story about Hardy Hodges. “For over 30 years, Mr. Hodges bought literally anything until he had a massive collection of stuff that filled an entire lot. For years people called him a junk man until the antiques boom hit in the late 1970s and Hodges’ Kingdom became a mecca for collectors of vintage memorabilia. Hardy was a real character,” Johnston recalled.
“Last year I discovered some video tapes of those old original TV news stories and started posting them on YouTube. I added the story about Hardy Hodges a few weeks ago,” said Johnston, who thought The Dillon Herald readers might enjoy seeing some local history from 43 years ago.
Here’s the link:

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