What’s Going on Up There? UFOs: Fact or Fiction?

I have been intrigued by the UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) phenomenon ever since I was a young boy growing up in Newtown. Certainly, some of my fascination was derived from watching science fiction movies about flying saucers and creatures from another planet and solar systems in our galaxy, the Milky Way (that consists of millions of stars). Then, of course, my vivid imagination that has often served as a portal and vehicle that took me to many places both real and fictional.
Today, I want to consider and give my take on the subject of UFOs that have occupied the news for quite a few weeks. Ever since our government and military declassified the sightings and detection of these bizarre and otherworldly UFOs by pilots and radar, some of the pilots who were interviewed have affirmed or sworn to the actual facts of what they saw. My aim today is not to prove or disprove the assertions of what they experienced, but to briefly share with you some considerations and points about the matter of UFOs.

Fiction and Imagination
The topic of UFOs is deeply rooted and ingrained in the minds of many people, like me, who were brought up watching science fiction on television and the movies, as well as reading Marvel and DC Comics. Consequently, many have been predisposed to believe in the existence of flying saucers and other types of UFOs. I venture to say that perhaps most of the people who are diehard believers in the existence of UFOs fit into the category we have identified in this section.

Facts and Scientific Evidence
What has generated much thought and discussion over UFOs has been the recent declassifying of the sightings and detection of UFOs by a few military pilots and the radar in their planes. For quite a few years, these sightings and detections were kept and classified as top secret. However, their declassification has added much fuel to the fire that was already burning in the minds of those who have held to the belief in UFOs and extraterrestrial beings from another planet visiting the earth. To these UFO zealots with a fanatical and religious belief in ETs (who they claim have been visiting the earth for hundreds, if not thousands of years) there is perhaps nothing on this side of heaven that will extinguish their fire and belief in UFOs and extraterrestrial beings that are visiting and monitoring us in a very strategic and stealthy fashion. This brings us to our next thought of consideration.
A Report That Debunks the Pilots’ Sighting and Radar
When I cam across this account of the UFO sighting and radar detections in an article recently by Mike West, a science writer, I felt compelled to include a portion of his very timely article, “Why UFO Report Will Disappoint Believers,” (that was recently published in USA Today) in my column today:
The most compelling video, “Gimbal,” seems to show an actual flying saucer skimming over clouds then coming to a stop and bizarrely rotating into an aerodynamically impossible
position. But closer examination of this video showed that when the “object” rotated, other patches of light in the scene rotated.
The only possible explanation being that the rotation was a camera artifact, and that the “flying saucer” was simply the infrared glare from the engines of a distance aircraft that was fling away.
Given the disappointing mundanity of the video evidence, what are we to expect from the upcoming UAP report, due in June. If the quality of the leaked evidence is any indicator, then there’s not going to be any significant revelations about the existence of physics-defying craft, and certainly no strong evidence of visiting aliens.While the genuine issues that Obama raised deserve serious examination, there will be no disclosure because there is nothing to disclose.

My Opinion from a Biblical Perspective
Now that I have presented various aspects and angles of the UFO mystery and phenomenon, I feel that I am duty bound to share with you my personal belief about this issue. As always, I endeavor to see every matter pertaining to life and humanity through the lens of God’s Word. Does the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings from another planet agree with Scriptures? No. Let me briefly defend my answer by recommending you study the scientific theory call the “Goldilocks Theory” as I have. This theory, that was formulated by many brilliant and notable astronomers and astrophysicist, used a statement made by Goldilocks in the fairytale. After tasting both the porridge of Papa Bear that was too hot, then the porridge of Mama Bear that was too cold, Goldilocks feasted on the porridge of Baby Bear that was just right. Likewise, the various climates, water, and ecosystems of the earth, as well as its perfect distance from the Sun, unlike Mars and Venus, have been scientifically proven to be the only one that can support and sustain life as we know it in the entire universe. I will continue to hold to the “Goldilocks Theory” until it is debunked by true science.
Then perhaps the most compelling proof to me that the UFOs are not humanoids from another planet is the fact that Jesus Christ, the Creator of Heaven and Earth (John 1:1-3 and Colossians 1:16-17), as the Godman was incarnated in human form and sent to Earth to save and redeem fallen man. If there has been humanoid life on any other planet in the universe, certainly they would not have escaped the enticement of Satan, but would have been lured into his rebellion against the Creator, as man was, and therefore needed redeeming. Could it be that the mysterious sightings are either angels or demons? From a biblical perspective, they are truly extraterrestrial beings from another planet and sphere.