DHS Student Hunter Godbolt Signs To Attend Erskine

Erskine College Admissions Counselor, Tim Rees visited Dillon High School Tuesday, April 13, 2021.
The admissions counselor met with senior Hunter Godbolt to sign him on as a freshman for the upcoming school year.

Hunter was accompanied by his grandparents; David and Barbara Godbolt.
When Hunter was asked what was the most compelling aspect about Erskine College that made him sign on with them, he responded, “Erskine has recruited me to be one of the founding members of the newly created Quiz Bowl Team next year.”
“I am very excited about being on the Quiz Bowl Team and competing collegiately.”
Hunter and his grandparents visited Erskine College a few weeks ago and were very impressed with the faculty, students and the campus.
Hunter’s grandmother, Mrs. Barbara Godbolt, when asked about her thoughts of Hunter attending college next year stated, “ that though Hunter is officially her grandson, he has always been there like their son.”

“He is very respectful, self-motivating, and very focused on his goals.” “Hunter always takes care of his responsibilities at home and at school.”
Hunter’s grandfather, Mr. David Godbolt shared with the group, “Hunter is a hard worker. We never had any trouble from him. He has made us proud.”
Principal Timothy Gibbs wrapped up the signing ceremony as he echoed similar sentiments.
“Hunter has been a joy to work with for the past four years.”
“As his principal, my observations of Hunter is he has an outstanding future ahead of him.”
“Serving as one of the founders of Erskine College Quiz Bowl Team is one of the many success stories to come.”
Principal Gibbs states, “I see great things coming your way young man. Continue to work hard and demonstrate those attributes your grandparents and Dillon High School have instilled in you. We wish for you the best as you pursue your college and career goals and make your mark in the world.”
Others in attendance were counselors, Dr. Harriet Jackson, Mrs. Kim Jackson and Mr. Chris Ray.
The ceremony ended by Mr. Rees providing the school counselors with additional college information to encourage more seniors to take a look at Erskine College for next year.