Man Addresses Wallace Article

To The Editor:
It is a sad state of affairs when a newspaper uses similar methods of the fake news media by taking facts and distorting them, using only part truths to create news that is not news. It appears to be a pathetic attempt to grab a little spotlight and perhaps sell a subscription or two or an ad or two.
Had the entire story been told the fact that Dr. Wallace LOST MONEY by providing a service for his community would have been in the spot light.
Had the entire story been told there would have been information on how Dr. Wallace has spent countless unpaid hours helping his community to be a place where quality of life issues are identified and addressed. Had the entire story been told there would have come to light the mission work, not only foreign but local as well, has been and remains a passion for Dr. Wallace.
Where were you and what were you doing yesterday morning in the wind and cold???? Dr. Wallace was serving with his church’s men’s group building the 115th wheelchair ramp for a person in need. Had you witnessed the home owner coming down the ramp, smiling and praising God and giving thanks that finally he can leave the confines of the home and at least get out and feel the sunshine on their face, maybe that would have been part of the story.
Maybe your reporter should think about shining the light on the whole story, not just the facts taken out of context and the parts that fit a false narrative.
Is this the best the Post and Courier can provide?
If so, maybe a new line of work should be considered, because this ain’t news.
Doug Newton
3741 Hebron-Dunbar Road
Clio, SC 29525