Dillon County Cracking Down On Litter And Illegal Dumping

BE WARNED! Dillon County is sending a clear message that it is cracking down on littering and illegal dumping throughout the county. Several signs will be placed in parks, ballfields, and other areas where there is a high frequency of littering and trash dumping. Many areas will be under camera surveillance to catch litterbugs and people dumping their trash in the act. Tickets will be written to offenders. Fines can range up to $500 or 30 days in jail. Pictured at a meeting to discuss the options about littering and what can be done are Scott Morgan of Palmetto Pride, Dillon County Administrator Clay Young, Litter Control Officer James Campbell, and Councilwoman Detrice Dawkins, chairwoman of the Dillon County Council’s Litter and Beautification Committee. Clean-up events are being planned for Saturdays throughout the month of April in all council districts. Community help and involvement is needed from citizens, boy and girl scout troops, school clubs, and other organizations. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Councilwoman Dawkins for more information and the district that you would like to assist in picking up litter at 843-617-3425. (Photo by Betsy Finklea/The Dillon Herald)