Latta Rotary Club Builds Blessing Box

BLESSING BOX—The Latta Rotary Club has erected a “Blessing Box” outside of their building at the corner of Main and Mauldin Streets in downtown Latta. The box was built by former Rotarian Dean Richardson and was painted and installed by Rotarians Mike Rouse, Joe Powell, Jerry Martin, and LaFon LeGette. The public can place items in the box that may be beneficial to someone else such as non-perishable food items, blankets, clothing (i.e. socks and gloves), personal hygiene items, etc.. Those who need items may take what they need from the box. The location of the box ensures privacy as it is very easy to slip in and out of the area without being noticed. The Rotarians hope the box will be a “blessing” and a benefit to the community. (Photo by Betsy Finklea/The Dillon Herald)

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