Latta School Board Approves Timeline For Return To Normal School Operations

The Latta School Board at its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, February 9 voted to approve a timeline for return to normal school operations for its students.

Beginning Monday, February 15, 2021 all Latta Elementary School hybrid students will return to school four days (Monday-Thursday) a week with a virtual Friday session for the next three weeks through March 5, 2021. All Latta Middle School and Latta High School hybrid students will continue with the current hybrid program for the next 3 weeks through March 5.

Beginning Monday, March 8, 2021 all elementary, middle and high school hybrid students will return to a normal five day per week school setting. All virtual students in the district will continue in the virtual model until the end of this school year. The current delivery of food for virtual students will continue as it has been operating.

The Latta School Board made its decision based on its schools being as safe as possible with proper safety measures being successful to date, the ensuing decline in COVID-19 rates in the Latta community, the obvious need of students to return to normal school operations as soon as possible, the continued stress on families with day care issues and the overwhelming confidence in the school staffs to be able to adjust effectively to this transition. The new school operating schedule is posted on the district website at Parents having any concerns about the new schedule should contact their appropriate school office. More details about each school’s transition plan back to normal and any improvements in proper safety protocols will be distributed to parents as soon as possible.