County Council Chairman Makes Committee Assignments

By Betsy Finklea
Dillon County Council Chairman T.F. “Buzzy” Finklea, Jr., has announced the council committees for the coming year.
Finklea said he wants these to be working committees and has assigned each committee an initial task to begin their meetings. He said the committees will have many tasks over the coming year and that this is just a starting point.
He has formed one new committee Litter Control/Beautification to help address the litter problem in the county and to work on the beautification of county properties.
The following committees have been set:
* ADMINISTRATION—Buzzy Finklea (Chairman), Harold Moody, and Stevie Grice
* PUBLIC WORKS—Harold Moody (Chairman), Gerome McLeod, and Stevie Grice
—Initial Task: Begin identifying some of the county’s worst roads and determine the best course of action. Perhaps start with a few roads per council district. Bring a recommendation or update to council. At the January meeting, he also asked this committee to meet with the County Transportation Committee to determine how they decide which roads are paved.
* PLANNING—Jamal Campbell (Chairman), Gerome McLeod, and Christopher Miller
—Initial Task: Set up a meeting with Clay about the comprehensive plan and zoning updates that need to be done. Bring an update to council.
* BUILDING—Christopher Miller (Chairman), Harold Moody, and Buzzy Finklea
—Initial Task: Set up a meeting with Clerk of Court Gwen Hyatt about the condition of the historic Dillon County Courthouse and bring a recommendation to council.
* PUBLIC SAFETY—Gerome McLeod (Chairman), Buzzy Finklea, and Detrice Dawkins
—Initial Task: Set up a meeting as soon as possible with Magistrate Judge Lutherine Williams to discuss an issue.
RECREATION—Stevie Grice (Chairman), Christopher Miller, and Jamal Campbell
—Initial Task: Survey all the ballfields and determine what needs to be done to get them ready for play, whether they have the appropriate signs, etc., and bring a report/recommendation back to council as to what needs to be done.
LITTER CONTROL/BEAUTIFICATION—Detrice Dawkins (Chairwoman), Jamal Campbell, and Buzzy Finklea
—Initial Task: Set up a meeting to discuss applying for Palmetto Pride grants and other grants that may be available and discuss some of the issues that we need to tackle in this area.
The committees are expected to begin meeting immediately and will bring back monthly reports to council.