Editorial: A New Day

It’s a new day in Dillon County…a new year, a new Sheriff, and a new chance to get things right. It’s time to help law enforcement take back our streets and help make our community a safer place. What does that have to do with you, the average citizen? Everything.
Law enforcement can only do so much. Without the public’s help and cooperation, it makes it very difficult for law enforcement to get their jobs done. Very often, people have seen something, heard something, or have in some way gained information about a crime, and then sit back and do nothing. Sometimes, this is due to fear, a dislike of law enforcement, or just plain apathy because they just don’t want to get involved. However, it is that involvement that is greatly needed by law enforcement of all levels in our community regardless of your personal feelings. They need the public to speak up about the things they know in order to stop the violence and to restore law and order to the community.
Too many lives have been lost. Too many people have suffered serious injuries. Too many people have lost property that they purchased with their hard-earned money to thieves. Too many people aren’t speaking up.
It’s time to put the past in the past and move forward. We can regain our community—all it takes it you. If you see something, hear something, or know something, then say something. Law enforcement will work to bring criminals to justice. It’s team effort, and it’s important.

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